Montréal: Lawrence

Enough about Italy (for a few posts). It’s been a while since I’ve been back but I make sure I visit my hometown at least once a year and it’s about time I start writing about it maintenant! Montréal is not only known for its bagels, smoked meat and poutine, its renowned for great food period.  There’s no denying that it is the food capital of the country.  Thanks to the celebrity chefs like Martin Picard from Au Pied de Cochon and David McMillan/Fred Morin’s Joe Beef Montréal is an international food destination. On my most recent trip there, I made a last minute decision to forgo my planned Saturday reservation at an established morning dining institution for brunch at the acclaimed Lawrence on St-Laurent.

Lawrence eng breakfast 2013

At now one of my favorite brunch spots in the city, I tried my first “cold brew.”  Cold brewed coffee is ground coffee steeped in room temperature water from 12 to 48 hours and then chilled until cold and ready to serve.  I’m not a big coffee drinker but it was love at first sip.  It tasted so smooth with hints of vanilla (FYI: nothing was added to the brew).  For the health conscious, cold brews are also lower in caffeine and less acidic than regular filtered coffee.

The English Breakfast is a dream brunch dish for carnivores like moi.  A savory protein feast of English sausage, blood sausage, baked beans, topped with a sunny side up egg and a side of rye toast.

D, on the other hand, ordered the Gloucester pancakes with ricotta, strawberries and bacon. Sweet and savory but we’d go back and both order the English Breakfast encore.

A must return to restaurant for brunch and to try their dinner!

5201 boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, QC